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Life is challenging - full of joys, sorrows and everything in between.  Sometimes, the challenges seem too daunting or affect more than one area of life - relationships, career, physical and emotional health. When this occurs one can feel stuck, unclear, anxious.  It helps to have  place to talk, to process and then be able to move forward. As a licensed mental health counselor with a holistic orientation to therapy I assist individuals and couples to do just that. Anxiety, depression, chronic physical/emotional conditions, stress management, work/life balance, marital stressors - communication, finances, parenting - are areas to be explored.


Individually, the focus is on cultivating self-esteem, being centered, self-empowered and having one's own voice. The relational emphasis is on re-connecting and developing a healthy bond by recognizing and respectfully responding to one's partner emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.


The work is collaborative and gets to the heart of the emotional and psychological  implications as well as the context in which these occur. Modalities include internal family systems, emotionally focused therapy, evidenced based couples therapy and multicultural/ethnic and social issue perspectives.

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